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The INFINITI Prototype 10 brings the spirit of the old speedters back to the forefront by transposing it to the era of electrified motive power units. Revealed today for the first time at the 2018 edition of the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, the concept embodies INFINITI’s creative and ambitious projects in electrified performance. For INFINITI, whose technological innovation is part of the genes, electrification is the next natural step in its evolution. Starting in 2021, each new INFINITI model will be equipped with electric technology to improve its performance. The Prototype 10 offers an insight into INFINITI’s aspirations: driving pleasure, exhilarating performance and increased battery life. A worthy successor to Prototype 9, an innovative concept unveiled last year at Pebble Beach’s Concours d’Elegance, INFINITI’s Prototype 10 is inspired by the past to innovate. A vision of the future developed by INFINITI’s designers, the Prototype 10 evokes the spirit of the old Californian speedsters and finds inspiration in the most iconic automotive designs in history. This is the first project entirely under the aegis of Karim Habib, INFINITI’s new Director of Design. It gives an insight into how the brand will change the appearance of its vehicles. As part of a global project, the creation of Prototype 10 was overseen by the INFINITI Japanese Design Center, its digital design was carried out in the UK, and its actual manufacture was conducted in San Diego (California). This new concept is resolutely turned towards the future. This is a natural evolution of the visual identity already observed on previous INFINITI Q Inspiration and Prototype 9 concepts. This concept is indicative of new opportunities for INFINITI through the adoption of electrified powertrains and flexible automotive platforms. ” We are all more or less passionate about roadsters and speedsters. The potential of electrifying our vehicles is of equal interest to us. A spectacular speedster was probably the ideal test vehicle for our designers when it came to exploring an electrified future and creating excitement .

” Roland Krueger, President of INFINITI

INFINITI Prototype 10 in details

Fluid, clean, forward-thinking and inspired by the potential performance of future electrified models

“The INFINITI Prototype 10 echoes the design and design of the old speedters. This period was marked by the creation of some of the most evocative automotive designs in history. The power was then honored with very powerful single-seat racing car cover for cadillac deville classic. We were inspired by a past optimistic era when vehicles were simply characterized by the love of driving .” Karim Habib, Director of Design, INFINITI

Inspiration: a speedster for the modern era

When the Prototype 10 was created, INFINITI redesigned the classic speedster with a spectacular, clean and futuristic design. Inspired by the performance made possible by automotive electrification, INFINITI’s new concept seeks to demonstrate the bold spirit that will characterize the brand’s vehicles in the future. The Prototype 10 is in line with the other two innovative concepts unveiled by INFINITI over the past 12 months: the Prototype 9, introduced last year, and the Q Inspiration concept, unveiled at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show. While Prototype 9, an electric and stylish retro-wheeled roadster, imagined an alternative story for INFINITI, Prototype 10 is focused on what the future holds for the brand. More daring than ever in its execution, the new concept is inspired by the spirit of the old speedters, its lines and operation evoking driving pleasure and exhilarating performance. Even his one- seater cockpit   is consistent with INFINITI’s approach to creating driver-focused vehicles. The Prototype 10 also recalls the design of the Q Inspiration concept, which gave a glimpse of INFINITI’s new stylistic identity in the era of advanced powertrains. “For us, the Prototype 9 evoked the thrill and theatricality of old open-wheel racing cars, while the Prototype 10 represents another project born of the passion of our designers. This idea is to “take inspiration from the past to innovate”. Combining the inspiration of an old aesthetic with avant-garde technology allows us to express our excitement for the era of electrification. Proof of our enthusiasm, the Prototype 10 takes some stylistic codes of some of the most iconic designs in automotive history.

Karim Habib, Director of Design, INFINITI

A global creative team at work

The Prototype 10 was designed under the leadership of INFINITI’s new design director, Karim Habib. This is the first project that is taking shape under his direction. It gives an insight into how the brand will change the appearance of its vehicles. INFINITI’s design teams in Asia, Europe and North America have all been involved in the creation of Prototype 10 since its launch. As part of an international project, its creation was led by the INFINITI design center in Japan and its digital design was supported in the UK. Since the Prototype 10 evokes the spirit of the old Californian speedsters, it seemed natural that the project be shaped in San Diego, California, where INFINITI’s design center is located in North America. That the presentation of the Prototype 10 takes place at Pebble Beach has nothing trivial. California has a unique automotive culture that is open to individual expression and allows car fans to create unique machines with their own hands. With this unique instinct that drives it to perpetually challenge the codes of the car, and thanks to always temperate weather, California has over time become the spiritual cradle of high performance speedsters. A passion that drove INFINITI’s designers to create Prototype 10, a true embodiment of the electrification vision of the brand. “California is intrinsically linked to the speedster body and is still a cultural center for independent car tuning and bodywork activities. The Prototype 10 draws on these unique Californian expression philosophies not only in terms of design, but also performance. “

INFINITI Electrification Strategy

Designed as a single-seat speedster, the Prototype 10 gives an overview of the performance targets of all upcoming INFINITI powered models. It does not just represent the brand’s first desire, namely the electrification of its vehicles, it embodies a promise of driving pleasure. Starting in 2021, all new INFINITI models will be 100% electric or e-POWER vehicles. All ultra-low emissions technologies available will therefore be represented. True to the tradition of speedters in performance, INFINITI will deliver high-end electrical performance. Delivering high performance in the most intelligent way possible, electric motors will be installed on INFINITI vehicles for breathtaking acceleration from the start. Since no more external charging sources will be needed, the INFINITI e-POWER models will provide comfort and confidence in terms of autonomy for long journeys.


Like the concept Q Inspiration unveiled at the beginning of the year, the Prototype 10 is resolutely turned towards the future in terms of aesthetics. Although it takes up the clean and uninterrupted surfaces of the Q Inspiration concept, namely an elongated coupe type sedan, the Prototype 10 evokes the powertrain performance advantages of powertrains, with a more assertive speedster configuration. The design of the concept is characterized by precise and concise lines, without the imposing bodywork of the Q Inspiration concept. The body, more geometric and minimalist, incorporates strict straight lines, particularly visible at the 90-degree angle that form the body and the fin behind the driver’s head. Ultra-modern shapes and sharp, abrupt lines punctuate a design that is otherwise characterized by a body with fluid lines. The highlight of the vehicle’s performance is its lowered speedster silhouette and bold proportions, with its long hood and open cockpit contrasting with the spectacular wing behind the driver’s seat. The front of the vehicle is embellished with a prominent INFINITI badge, well embedded in the bodywork, and various furrows run through the front fenders and up to the center of the hood. Notches at the base of the hood conceal ultra-compact headlights, as well treated in terms of appearance as powerful for direct lighting. In contrast to the silver-colored bodywork, a lower black spoiler at the base of the bumper has been designed to improve forward lift and route airflow below the flat floor of the vehicle. The uninterrupted lines and smooth surfaces of the body seem to dart backward, and culminate at the tapered rear end, similar to that of the Q Inspiration concept. The idea of   focusing the concept on performance is also reflected in the adoption of a discreet rear diffuser conveying air to the outside from the rear of the vehicle, which provides a good profile. aerodynamic as the vehicle cuts through the air almost noiselessly at high speeds.

A  single-  seater

The cockpit is reminiscent of the exterior design, with clean and fluid surfaces interspersed with geometric lines. The hood fits smoothly into the open cockpit. It draws attention to the driver’s seat and the large cooling ducts of the electric motor. The speedster layout encouraged INFINITI designers to create a single- seater cockpit , attention being focused only on the driver. Completely visible from the outside of the vehicle, the sleek, minimalist cockpit captures the essence of the driver-focused INFINITI approach. While the interiors of the INFINITI series vehicles are designed to be “driver-focused and passenger-friendly”, the sole objective of Prototype 10 is to provide an exhilarating driving experience. Therefore, instead of a passenger seat, a large vent allows the flow of air to the rear of the vehicle to cool the electric motor and batteries. The steering wheel, mounted on lightweight carbon fiber brackets that protrude from the bodywork, is the most visually striking cabin component. In addition, the imposing steering columns are no longer necessary, thanks to INFINITI Direct Adaptive Steering technology: a “steer-by-wire” type (all-electric), it reacts instantly to the movements on the steering wheel. The shape of the brackets that hold the steering wheel in place is found in the steeply sloping windshield that directs air over and around the driver’s head, as well as inside the cooling ducts. Even the small diameter steering wheel follows the principles of motorsport, with a flat bottom and different grip areas for the driver. Without change of report, an electrified powertrain helps reduce physical distractions. Like INFINITI’s infinite road logo, the center of the steering wheel is away from the driver. The dashboard is compact. The unique seat is enhanced with black leather, with matching red stitching in the center of the steering wheel. Large side cushions provide a snug fit and optimal lateral support. The seat is installed as low as possible in the cockpit to lower the overall center of gravity. Only the driver’s head is visible above the bodywork. That’s why INFINITI designers have dubbed this aspect of Prototype 10 “The Bathtub” when it was created.

Powertrain Electrification

The epitome of INFINITI’s desire to develop electrified models that are synonymous with driving fun, exhilarating performance and increased battery life. Delivering on INFINITI’s creative and ambitious electrification projects Starting in 2021, all new INFINITI models will feature electrified powertrains. With technological innovation at the heart of the brand’s philosophy, electrification is a natural evolution for INFINITI. The concepts Q Inspiration and Prototype 10 represent the final stages of the brand’s transition to the exclusive production of electrified vehicles. As a result of INFINITI’s creative and ambitious plans to electrify its range of models, Prototype 10 demonstrates the potential application of future powertrain technologies. The new models will allow owners to choose between 100% electric vehicles and e-POWER powertrains. INFINITI electrified vehicles will overcome many of the barriers to the purchase of electric vehicles. The e-POWER models will specifically eliminate the need for an external charging source. They will allow their owners to have more confidence in the autonomy of their vehicle for long journeys while offering them the same exhilarating driving experience as electric vehicles.